Don't Risk Sewage Overflowing in Your Home

Don't Risk Sewage Overflowing in Your Home

Get help from our rooter service in the LaFayette & Auburn, AL area right away

A rooter is a drain cleaning machine that was created to unblock drains that have been clogged by tree roots or other natural debris. When this happens, your pipes can release sewer water into the ground. Prevent this dirty, unhealthy situation by investing in residential or commercial rooter service from Professional Plumbing Service LLC. Our team will clear the clog and repair the drain pipe so wastewater can flow properly again.

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Trust us to fix the blockage properly

Our rooter service can be extensive or fairly simple. We'll use the appropriate tools to clear your drain clog, and we'll remove any roots that are affecting your pipes. Then, we'll repair the pipe if it has been damaged.

It's important to handle this type of drain cleaning before the clog becomes too severe. A totally blocked sewer line can cause sewage to back up into your home or business, exposing people to untreated sewage.

Repair any damaged drain lines right away. Call 334-755-5766 now to set up a drain cleaning in LaFayette & Auburn, AL or the surrounding areas.